We provide

Fully adjustable storage solutions that can be
created to suit your individual requirements.

An Elegant Solution for Separating or Dividing Space Within a

MOVI Sliding Room Divider

Using panels to delineate where opacity starts and stops frames the look and adds dimension to your room.

Modern, useful, hygienic, and classy. MOVI Sliding Dividers are an incredible approach to redesign the look and feel of your kitchen without a full remodel.

MOVI Sliding Door

Providing even greater variety and flexibility to work with your interior design, the MOVI Sliding Door possesses the same durability as our MOVI Doors to create a more seamless opening and closing effect for any space in mind. Precision built to work perfectly, our MOVI Sliding Doors have no trouble gliding across the guide each time you use it.

MOVI Sliding Door provides the flexibility to mix and match your own colour combination for the panels of each design, limited only to your own imagination.