We provide

Fully adjustable storage solutions that can be
created to suit your individual requirements.


Adding an element of style and visual appeal to your interior.

For lesser noise or dust in your room, opt for the MOVI Door that is equipped with the SmartSeal™ , another innovative creation from BESGLAS that seals up gaps at the bottom effectively. No matter your choice of MOVI Door from our range of designs in shatterproof glass, melamine board, acrylic or even a hardy mixture of materials, MOVI Doors are safe to use and easy to match.

MOVI Doors with safety glass gently divide spaces - glass helps to separate them subtly but still unite them and let the light go through.

Having the flexibility to choose from shatterproof glass, melamine board to a mixture of both materials or simply with just Acrylic. Together with a wide variety of designs, MOVI Door would certainly compliment any interior décor. Created with both safety and style in mind, MOVI Door is the perfect accent to any home.


SmartSeal™ , another innovative creation from Besglas, smartly seals up gaps at the bottom of MOVI Door as it closes.

MOVI Door Room Divider

Our MOVI room dividers series allow you to partition space without sacrificing natural light or interior aesthetics. These glass doors define space, without dividing it.