We provide

Fully adjustable storage solutions that can be
created to suit your individual requirements.

Glass Work

Optimize the distribution of natural light and the division of space.

MOVI Sliding Door

Glass has come into its own as a versatile material for interiors. Frameless, tempered MOVI Sliding Door panels do not require extra space for opening, increases accessibility and allows for personalized passageways and connections to adjacent spaces.

Every space can have a different type of entryway adapted to its particular function! Whether it is single-panel doors, large sized glass panels or telescopic opening of several panels at the same time, WE have the flexibility to not only allow spaces to be divided but also joined when needed!

Our MOVI sliding doors also enables light to flow freely between rooms! Believe us that your space will feel bigger and more open, providing a modern and contemporary feel.

Glass can be treated by sand-blasting, etching, staining and chipping to create a myriad of different surface effects. Different layers can also be laminated or fused to create a sense of depth.


The PIVOT Door is the clear choice for homeowners looking to balance style and safety at home.

Each PIVOT Door in our large collection of frameless designs (Clear, Frosted, Coloured, Frosted with colours) is made from toughened tempered safety glass designed to withstand a high usage frequency.

Similar to frameless glass shower screens, frameless PIVOT doors consist simply of a sheet of tempered safety glass. This includes cut-outs and/or holes for hinges as well as a door handle which can be hung in a standard door aperture, from the top or side.

For their understated versatile style and light-lifting functionality, custom glass doors are particular sought-after for luxury hotel complexes, prestigious retail outlets as well as contemporary homes.


To enhance the usage of space in your bathroom, go frameless! The ORAZIO Screen is a modern solution that can be made to measure to suit your bathroom configuration and allows you to create your own version of private indulgence with either our PIVOT door or sliding shower doors. ORAZIO Screens come in o 10mm tempered gloss that is tough for everyday use on its own, without the need for frames, making it even easier to clean.

Our frameless shower enclosures have a particularly contemporary feel and are a popular everyday design with our customers. Modern lifestyle and practicality must never be a compromised. Here at Besglas, you will find the ideal solution, however big or small your bathroom may be. Sliding doors are a stylish solution that doesn’t require extra space around the doors while pivot/swing doors are more practical for smaller spaces with its doors which open both outwards and inwards. Finally, we have large rotating pivot doors which are suitable for spacious bathrooms.