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The designer and manufacturer of high-quality doors, wardrobe and organising systems, and glass paneling.

Over the years, our company has put our skill, passion and experience in the transforming of conventional doors and wardrobes into sophisticated masterpieces of every interior décor.

BESGLAS. Every home deserves our best.


Alumix System Wardrobe

A fully adjustable storage solutions that can be created to suit your individual requirements.

ALUMIX flexible modular components allow you to create the perfect fitted wardrobe interior, wall storage display or room divider, with literally limitless configuration options available.


MOVI Sliding Door

MOVI sliding doors invite natural lights into the home and make small spaces larger, while bringing more comfort into the home.

Providing even greater variety and flexibility to work with your interior design, the MOVI Sliding Door possesses the same durability as our MOVI Doors to create a more seamless opening and closing effect for any space in mind. Precision built to work perfectly, our MOVI Sliding Doors have no trouble gliding across the guide each time you use it.



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Door and Wardrobe Specialist

Use an accent color as a design statement or to delineate an area or function of a space using Besglas laminated glass. Laminated glass also blocks harmful ultraviolet rays, protecting home furnishings and artwork from fading and damage.

XiaXue's Guide to Life

Xiaxue finally unveils the room everyone's been waiting for - her Princess Room! With shelves, trouser racks, pull-out baskets, hanger bars and drawers, you can create the ideal clothes storage solution for yourself too.

焕然一新 DIY - Mark Lee, Vivian Lai, Mediacorp

EZI Door is also safe to use, especially with young children in the home, with its seamless folding design and safety locking system that prevents and protects fingers from being clipped accidentally.

Glass Work at Singapore Changi Airport

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. Honoured to be part of the team in the transportation and installation of A Million Times at Changi.

Ximula NERO Walk-In Wardrobe

For fashionista with a penchant for organization will love this space. The multiple shelving units and hanging space give it a minimal look, and with maximum storage space there's a place for everything. Flawlessly colour coordinated, with Ximula Walk-in Wardrobe, every dress, bag and shoes its designated spot..

HomeDec exhibition, Kuala Lumpur

Get organized with the latest collection of storage system solutions- ALUMIX and XIMULA, one of our most versatile storage system that allows you to take stock of all your belongs at one glance. Effortless to configure to keep up with your changing needs or requirements, it's the best choice to maximize your space!

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