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Fully adjustable storage solutions that can be
created to suit your individual requirements.

Alumix System Wardrobe

An All-Purpose Pole System Wardrobe with Versatility & Functionality.

From multiple colour safety glass doors, melamine shelves, to the cross-section aluminium hanger rods and organisers, the ALUMIX Structural System is one of our most versatile wardrobe systems that allow you to take stock of all your belongings at a glance. It is not only easy to install but also effortless to disassemble and reconfigure to keep up with the season's look. Most importantly, the system is made from the highest grade aluminium in the industry that can hold up to 15kg per lineal foot, making this wardrobe corrosion free and easy to maintain while keeping your storage space dust-free.

Pole System Wardrobes

A set of good quality wardrobe can last for many years and such should be looked upon as an investment.

Alumix System Wardrobe makes good use of any wall in the room. Built directly onto the wall and can be hidden by sliding panels, these storage systems provide you with an incredible amount of storage in a very small space.

Why choose pole system wardrobe?

Alumix is the ideal system for customers purchasing their first custom-built interior system. This interior system impresses with its huge range of variation, excelling also in flexibility and functionality by adapting to the dimensions of any room.

  • Modular System
  • Customized Internal Configuration
  • 90% Extruded Aluminium Parts
  • Flexible Height Adjustment for Shelving and Hanger Bars
  • Easy Relocation of System

Alumix NERO Series

ALUMIX NERO System Wardrobes will not only provide you with a fantastic method of storage, but a new improved way of life in terms of getting ready for the day and generally keeping us organized.

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